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Made in the USA

Our products are hand made in small batches in the USA.

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Non Toxic

You won’t find any aluminum, parabens or other harmful chemicals in our products.

Simple Ingredients

Our products are expertly infused from hemp and offer an accurate dosage to provide the most consistent experience possible for a revitalized mind, body, and spirit.

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Cruelty Free & Vegan

We love animals and cannot imagine their exploitation and harm for any reason.

Free Shipping

All of our products ship for free in the United States.

About Our Products

Blue Marble Wellness products have been expertly infused with pure extracts and other all-natural ingredients to create an array of products that may be used daily.

Each of our products are made with plants sourced here in the U.S.A. All of our products are put through a 3rd party testing for potency and cleanliness to maintain the highest quality and consistency of each batch.

You won’t find many other companies that value quality to the extent that we do. At Blue Marble Wellness, we firmly stand behind our products and combine our experience with innovative ideas while still protecting our proprietary methods of production

We love teaching our consumers so they can understand our mission on a fundamental level. We strive to be trailblazers and harness the newest technology and information available so we can spread the gospel of this plant’s incredible therapeutic potential.

Our Philosophy Is Simple

100% Natural

Wherever possible we provide sustainable ingredients that are organically sourced and free of pesticides, residual solvents, and other harmful chemicals, while protecting our earth and ensuring reliability and legality in the process.

Extensive Lab Testing

We offer full access to third party testing reports and certificates of analysis (COA) for all our products to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with purity and quality of what they are purchasing.

Pure and High Quality

Our formulation team works diligently to bring our consumers the purest, quality extracts available and we are constantly progressing.

Find The Ideal Dose & Product For Your Needs!

Are you confused about which CBD product is best for your health & wellness needs? If you’re wondering how much CBD to take for pain, anxiety, or insomnia, we can help you now, in less than 60-seconds!

Take a minute to complete these 5 questions to find your the best CBD product and the ideal dosage for your needs.

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Our muscle and joint rubs are made from pure ingredients that help, not harm the skin. Our goal is for everyone to be mindful of what they put on their skin, even for pain relief.

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